About Myself Prize

We live in the age of the disposable selfie, yet there is something still timeless about someone expressing themselves artistically to create their own self-portrait.

Although most artists create a self-portrait at some stage, they are often kept private, or mixed in with other generic portraits. We wanted to try and bring them out of the shadows a little more and celebrate them as their own truely unique art from.

Myself Prize is Australia's only dedicated self-portrait prize open to all artists where submissions can be made in the form of an illustration, painting, photograph or sculpture.

For the art community

For us, this prize is all about the 'people'.  Without a community of artists and supporters who love the art of self-portraiture, an event like this could not exist. Which is why we wanted to create a prize that allows those people to be more involved in helping to build it.

We will acknowledge and display every entry to the prize on our website and through social media so that all self-portraits can be enjoyed by the community. 

The art community and supporters will also have the opportunity to vote and judge the winning finalist. We plan to launch a pozible campaign to raise money for our first opening night event. If people donate a certain amount they will also buy their right to vote for the winning entry.

We have also created an 'Honour board' on our website to thank anyone who helps make this first event a reality. The names of people who give their time, expertise or donations will be added to the page leading up to our opening night.

The founders

Founded by Phil Sheen, Myself Prize is a Sheen Media initiative designed to help support the arts. Phil believes in strengthening the arts community and in helping it grow to be less reliant on the funding which government departments have taken away recently.